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You do not need Cookies to explore this website. AWSats and the Raw Logs are both disabled on this site, and that is with the intent of ensuring your absolute privacy as you browse the content of the magazine pages of Science, People & Politics which are displayed as html or stored as pdf on this website.

This website is on a shared server. I do not know what access my hosting company has to stats about those entering my website. Before spending money on a Google Ad campaign GavaghanCommunications (an unincorporated sole tradership), responsible for sales of the magazine, will clarify this issue. GavaghanCommunications has taken over responsibility for sale of Science, People & Politics from Apple Bough LP (now dissolved).

Apple Bough LP was closed because it was unneeded commercially by the publisher [Helen Gavaghan, trading as GavaghanCommunications] of Science, People & Politics. The magazine is owned by Science, People and Politics Ltd [Co No 0590 1911], which was the limited partner in Apple Bough LP. The share holders in Science, People and Politics Ltd are Helen Gavaghan, Fred Pearce and Martin Redfern.

In the meantime the site and Science, People & Politics are free to read online.

Helen Gavaghan, formerly General Partner of the now defunct Apple Bough LP. 12.12.2019.

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