PRIVACY POLICY of Apple Bough LP 19012

Apple Bough LP, formerly Gavaghan C LP, registered in England has a registered office address of 165 Longfellow Court, Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire, HX7 5LG. Apple Bough LP sub contracts the publishing of Science, People & Politics to Gavaghan Communications, a trading name for Helen Gavaghan.

The filing record of the Limited Partnership - which does not include public accounts, because the General Partner is not currently a Limited Company - is located at Companys House.

Apple Bough LP is responsible for data collected via the form at the following URL:

To have data removed, to check if data is still held, to discuss how and where your data are physically, and the path through which those data have reached records which Apple Bough LP keeps to enable our consensual trading relationship please contact Helen Gavaghan. Please make initial contact by email (using the email address you have input in the form above), and writing GDPR query in the subject field of your email. If that is not posssible, or you are calling on behalf of someone else, and acting with their consent, you could text 07587 189191, or call +44 1422 886015 (There is an answering service on that number), or write to Helen Gavaghan at 165 Longfellow Court, Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge, HX7 5LG.

If you have bought the magazine which Apple Bough LP sells, the Partnership will temporarily have had the partial information made available to the seller when the purchaser buys through PayPal Merchant Services. PayPal Merchant Services facilitates payment by either PayPal or using a credit card. Once the 14-day period during which you may change your mind about your purchase has passed all the data will be removed by Apple Bough LP from its PayPal account. That data does not include your full credit card number.

Apple Bough LP has not yet taken over this sales function because routine organisational issues are in process of being set in place with HMRC and other regulatory bodies. When you buy through my PayPal Merchant Services code you are setting up a link directly from your computer to PayPal - not via my website. But as the owner of the Merchant Account through which gavaghan communications is currently exploring how the process works I can see - as noted above - the data PayPal puts in my Merchant Account on their secure server. As yet Apple Bough has not opened a PayPal Merchant Service Account.

Helen Gavaghan, 3rd August, 2018.

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