2019 VOLUME VX (Quarterly)

Issue 1, Jan-Mar. 2019.
Gavaghan. H.
Brexit position of this magaziine. P 2.
Journalism and the law. P 2.
Under the volcano. Pp 3-4.

Issue 2, Apr - June. 2019.
The Whale World. Pp 2-7.

Issue 3, July - Sept. 2019.
Gavaghan. H.
Calling clinicians, geographers and scientists. Politics and your World need you. Pp 2-5.
And they all lived in little boxes, and they all looked just the same. Pp 5-7.
Children on premises when Crown Court sits. P 8.
Human Nature. P 9.
From British Courts. Pp 9-13.
Climate change action gap. P 14.

Issue 4, Oct, - Dec. 2019.
Gavaghan. H.
Ethics, science and responsibility at the World Science Forum 2019. Pp 5-9.
Nobel Prizes 2019. Pp 10-11
A Victorian experience of hearing loss. Pp 12-13.
Being human: the exhibition. Pp 13-14.
From British Courts. Pp 15-16.

Pearce. F.
From the heart of the Amazon. Pp 3-4.

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