2016 VOLUME VII (Quarterly)

Issue 1, Jan-Mar
Iran's nuclear agreement

Issue 2, Apr - June
Money supply, Sovereignty and Democracy
Ribosomes - life's Rosetta stone - reveal their vulnerabilities and offer a path to new antibiotics
Move over, Brian Cox
News from British Courts

Issue 3, July - Sept
Highlights from The Iraq War
Science, art and business
From British Courts

Issue 4, Oct.- Dec.
Editorial: Anthropocene v anthropocene. Geophysical reality or social construct
Geologists plan international research to settle the question of anthropocene v. Anthropocene
German Cabinet endorses Climate Action Plan 2015
Big Pharma's global legacy
UN General Assembly sets 2018 deadline for planners fighting animicrobial resistance (AMR)
What's in a name. The Anthropocene
Eco pragmatism and eco modernism
From British Courts

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