2017 VOLUME VIII (Quarterly)

Issue 1, Jan-Mar. Published 24th February, 2017.
Editorial: Pain and consciousness
Editorial: Women in astronomy
CRISP R Cas 9: US Patent and Appeal Board
Forensic science report (UK)
Global energy challenge
Zika virus
Women in science this quarter
From British Courts
A poem of science

Issue 2, Apr - June. Published 26th May, 2017.
Editorial: History of science and science in history, in a world of big data and meta-analysis
World Health Organisation (WHO) reviews decade and looks to challenges
Transition from the Holocene
Grazed by history: Charles Darwin in a world of abolitionists
Medical devices and the FDA
Ancient hominin DNA hybridised and studied, yelding information in the absence of skeletal remains
From British Courts, a regular section
When judicial advice could kill

Issue 3, July - Sept. Published 22nd December, 2017 (late).
LIGO (Gravitational waves)
Book reviews: ethics, Pythagoras, Megatech
From British Courts
with judicial comments
Poems of science

Issue 4, Oct.- Dec. Published 1st January, 2018.
Teasing detail from organic reactions in solution
Antarctica in 1980: a conundrum for our times
Ocean monitoring satellite
From British Courts

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