2018 VOLUME VIX (Quarterly)

Issue 1, Jan-Mar. 2018.
Dutfield. G.M.
A proposal to join trade policy, markets and genetic diversity for global food security. Pp 19-28.
Gavaghan. H.,
The Past is another country. Pp 3-4.
St Bride and St Paul stood sentinel (a poem). P 4.
Pugwash. A Twentieth Century fight to save the world from nuclear Armageddon. Pp 5-18.
From British Courts. Pp 29-30.
Quiz. P 31.

Issue 2, Apr - June. 2018.
Gavaghan. H.
In favour of citing patents in the scientific literature. Pp 2-4.
Patent art leveraging science. Pp 5-7.
From British and International Courts.

Issue 3, July - Sept. 2018.
Gavaghan. H. From British Courts.

Issue 4, Oct, - Dec. 2018.
Future perfect: International System of Units Revised. P 5.
Cluster munitions. P 6.
Star formation. P 6.
World Trade Concern. P 7.
Technical preparation for a low sulphur fuel-oil regime at sea continues. P 7.
Central and South America. Cartels, Homicide and Narcotics in 2017. Pp 8-12.
From British Courts. Pp 13-14.
Justice, Fairness, Equality. P 15.

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