Science, People and Politics, issue 1 (Jan. - Feb.), volume i (2009), Volume II, (2009),
published 4th January, 2009.


Every breath I take illuminates thoughts
That pass each other like ships in a busy harbor.
I write; the words echoing into the air
With shimmers of delight unto the eyes of my angels.

Thank God for making me a poet,
An innocent observer of cruelty and love,
A joiner of beauty and severity
In my mind, under my pen,
Within the sea of sights of my heart.

Windswept feelings, like falling leaves off a tree,
Whisper me memories of past-lives;
In the beginning, they say, there was a

My joy lives with every word I utter on the page.
Poetic wisdom embossed upon the Book of Life,
Waiting to evoke Butterflies of Emotions
Within the reader.
Waiting for the gentle breeze of love
To burst like fireworks of body signs
Charting the maps of universal night
On my soul.

My heart beats like the bells of Notre Dame,
My breath comes with gasps of crispy air,
With Poetry
I am Alive.

Gil and Natalie Dekel

Copyright Gil and Natalie Dekel

First published by GavaghanCommunications in Science, People & Politics, 4.1.09.