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Science, People & Politics, First volume (1-3), Volume 2, issue 3, May-June 2007.
Final corrected posting 1.7.07 03.05 g.m.t.

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Night and day in the desert

By Arie S. Issar

In the morning the desert -
Smile of a child
Awakened from night's slumber
Still not aware of being a desert.

By noon the desert is hatred;
Gnashing teeth of barren rocks
Against spiteful shimmering skies
Of no color, of no benevolence.

In the evening the desert is appeasement -
Roundish thighs of barren land
Soothed by the fading reddish
Ephemeral smile of sunset.

At night the desert is a ladder of dreams
Sparked with twinkling stars
Craving for infinite apprehension
Realizing the secrets of life, death and eternity.

Arie S. Issar©

All rights reserved. Editor of the English
translation from Hebrew, Helen Gavaghan.
Edit of translation modified 23rd and 27th August,
2006. And on 24th Februry, 2007.

Hebrew version of Night and Day in the Desert

Thank you to Gil Dekel, a second year Ph.D student in the UK, for checking the Hebrew of this poem. I had intended to seek an Arabic translation, but have decided that discretion (in view of my ignorance) is the better part of valour. HG

Science, People & Politics ©All rights reserved

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