Science, People and Politics, issue 4, Volume i, Volume II, published 6th July, 2009.

A call for a fully open inquiry into the Iraq war.

This magazine supports unreservedly the call by Alice Mahon, former Labour MP for Halifax, made elsewhere in this issue of Science, People & Politicsfor a full Inquiry into the months and years that preceded Britain's decision to make war on Iraq.

I have no doubt of Ms Mahon's essential decency. But I cannot find it in myself to think or believe that Tony Blair made War without strong plausible reason, or that the current British establishment are war mongers. And nor do I believe that Tony Blair was the poodle of President Bush. Perhaps history will show people like me to be naive. Fair enough. But a fully open inquiry now would help. Broad ranging, willing to ask if invoice trails made people think there would be War or there was fear of regional nuclear, chemical or biological war between Iran and Iraq. Did Britain loose the plot and forget it does not assassinate foreign leaders? Was there disinformation spread by some group happy to see internal strife within Britain? Or perhaps there simply is no reason. Just a monumental error?

Somehow we are weathering financial disaster so perhaps we are psychologically ready as a nation to see what may or may not have shaped our decision to make War on Iraq. I urge all readers to write directly to their MP and to the Prime Minister's office requesting the greatest openness possible for an inquiry into the Second Iraq War.

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